What makes Ads work in apps?

In-app advertising offers marketers a better opportunity to target the right audience at the right time. But when dealing with in-app advertising, one needs to understand and apply some core ideas that form the basis of successful ads on apps. Some of these ideas are explained in brief for your knowledge and future implementation.

Broadcast Your Brand:

Incorporate your brand logos or any other imagery that is striking and can be easily associated to your brand.

Broadcast your branding prominently

Prominent Call to Action visuals like App Store links etc.

Focus on Your Call-To-Action:

Bring into focus specific, app-related language such as install etc. in a CTA that’s targeted and powerful.

Explain with Images:

relies on the consumer’s ability to imagine and visualize. But images put forth the visuals to the consumer, making things easier. Also, the human eye is naturally drawn to images, so incorporating them improves the chance of your ad being noticed.

Self explanatory combo of brand name and copy

Ratings Matters ALWAYS

Come across as authentic:

Including points such as star ratings, download numbers, or even word-of-mouth user testimonials in your ad copy add weight to your app’s credibility.

Appear where they look:

Make a smarter investment in advertising by putting up app installs ads on apps with similar target audiences.

Eye-catching Ad placement

Choose wisely, promote well

Consider various channel options:

Every advertising channel has its own perks. For example, social apps like Instagram and Facebook targets users according to their specific taste. Therefore, its wise to explore and understand various channel options and zero in those that can bring maximum installs and engaged usage.

Gel well with your target audience:

Your content is made for your audience to consume. Try understanding them better with direct or indirect engagement. The insight gained from such interactions can help ad creators make better resonating ads.

Audience’s taste + Analysis = Resonating Ads

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